Deportation Defense

The vast majority of cases where an immigrant will get a letter from the USCIS is because they have been ordered removed (deported) from the United States. These cases can be very complex, with many different factors involved. It is important to hire an experienced immigration attorney to help you with your defense.


The removal defense can sometimes be as simple as asking for prosecutorial discretion. Prosecutorial discretion is an option the government has in which it can choose to not pursue a specific immigrant. This is based on the fact that the immigrant has a good record, no criminal history, and strong ties to the community in the United States.


A removal defense could also involve a waiver. There are certain grounds, such as criminal history, that can make an immigrant ineligible for a green card. In these cases, the immigrant may be able to apply for a waiver. These waivers are very difficult to get. However, if you have an immigration lawyer, there is a better chance of succeeding at getting a waiver.


If you have been ordered deported, or if you have received a letter from the USCIS, it is important to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to help you with your case. They will know how to best help you with the removal defense of your case.


Immigrants who are present in the United States without permission and are arrested by immigration authorities, are given an opportunity to see an immigration judge to fight for their right to stay in the country legally.

People in removal proceedings have a few more options to obtain lawful status that are not available to those not in removal proceedings.

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