Citizenship and Visa

Citizenship: Immigrants can apply to become U.S. citizens after five years of being Lawful Permanent Residents, in certain cases immigrants can apply after three years. Some people might acquire U.S. citizenship at birth or after birth, depending on certain situations, in those cases, the person will need to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship. Watch video.
LPR Card Renewal: Most LPR cards expire after 10 years, some after 2, and must be renewed.
Fiancé Visa: U.S. citizens can apply for a visa on behalf of their fiancé so that they can come to the United States to get married, and then apply for Adjustment of Status. Watch video.
Tourist Visa: Immigrants who wish to travel to the United States as tourists can apply for a tourist visa which allows them to travel to visit as long as they can show that they will be returning back to their home country after their visit. Watch video.

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